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A young farmhand with mysterious parentage... A long-lost prince turning up to claim his heritage with his father's magic sword... A telepath driven insane by her own powers.

The Seaven Sway is not about those people.

The Seaven Sway is about an expansionist republic picking a fight against a thaumaturgical empire; a psychic slave and his wizardly valet, confectionery, gunpowder and whale fishery.


Most of the world of Devaruna is ruled by the Dominion of Arx, an empire that's been either crumbling or flourishing for five hundred years, depending on whether you read The Examiner or The Rose.


Arx runs on Standard Dominion Magic, a metaphysical form of particle-based thaumaturgy. The United Free Provinces of Seaven goes for hard work, bureaucracy and rampant militarism.

The Age of Enlightenment has just started. A railway runs twice weekly from Whitemouth to Sheard and beyond. Advances in military technology have turned its army into a formidable fighting force with no less than six generals, all spoiling for a fight.


The nomadic natives of the Rime worship whales as gods. According to Rimer legends, whales in the water are related to metaphysical beings in the otherworld called devas.

The good people of Seaven prefer their whales in tinned form with white sauce and barley, prepared by C. Lawly & Co. Fish Preserves in Whitemouth.

Cover art © 2013 by Francisco Etchart