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Dispatches, of which the following are Copies, were received at the Sway Command this day, at 1 a.m. from 2G Sage Coldrife:

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”tinned” food IS GOOD

A Government contract worth 12,000 smk, offered by the General Council to any inventor who could devise & produce cheap and effective means to preserve large amounts of food, was presented yesterday to mr. C. Lawly of C. Lawly & Company. TIN CANS, produced by the aforementioned Whitemouth enterpreneur, have been throroughly tested and accepted by proper authorities, and will undoubtedly replace the expensive glass jars previously used by Banner quartermasters.

A pre-heated tin can, procured for this very occasion, was opened and inspected by the Examiner and the contents were found delightfully fresh and edible. Whale beef had lost none of its rich taste.

Summer railway to Strowen

This summer, take a trip to the north! See the whaling stations, the blubber vats and the new customs-house. Trains depart twice a week from Sheard until snowfall. Enjoy a variety of advance purchase and unrestricted fares. A Sway-authorised travel permit required. No refunds.


Mr. Tusker and Ms. Trenchant's new play The Flaming Point of the Weapon of Pleasure - a Thaumaturgist's Reverie is performed at 7 p.m. in Blossomtime with appropriate dresses, scenery etc., for benefit of several viewers. Tickets from 75p.